Frequently Asked Questions

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Getting Started

We have Demo environments available across different geographic locations. Please contact us through Phone, Whatsapp or email to get access to one of the Demo environments, so that you can see LSIM app for yourself.

LSIM can be installed in your device with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser as a Progressive Web App. What this means is that you can use LSIM just like any other application with features like notifications working perfectly well. To know more about PWA, Click Here.

We have our partners in different countries who can always assist you with the provisioning and support. However even if there is no official partner in a particular location, you can still purchase and use our product after confirming that it is compliant with your local laws.
All of our deployment, support and operations are done remotely, and we will make sure that you get the exact same level of service and support as any other customer.
Since we are using enterprise class infrastructure from Cloud providers like AWS and Oracle, we can also host your data in your geographic location as well

We are not using a single, multi-tenant application to host many customers at once like most mainstream vendors, which ensures that your business data is properly secured and isolated from the rest of the world.
We also are very much flexible in terms of functionality and usage, and takes all feature requests from our customers seriously.
If your business operates in a niche industry like Healthcare, we already have a host of features to make sure all your regulatory and functional requirements are met (Invoice authorizations, Controlled Drugs, Salesman report, Schedule report etc. )

Just let us know, and we will make it for you !!
No, seriously. After using the Demo environment, just let us know what are the changes you need, and we will implement that feature for you.

LSIM already has a host of customization features, which includes customizable logo in the login screen and application Navigation Bar. If you have a particular color scheme or background image, you can use those as well.


No. One LSIM install can be used for a single business only, You can, however, have multiple office branches added to one LSIM app, or can purchase additional LSIM installs under the same account.

We are hosting your LSIM install separately, with a separate codebase and database on enterprise class Cloud infrastructure with automatic backups enabled. We also do regular security auditing of our infrastructure.
Customer data security and privacy are of utmost importance to us.

If you want to stop using LSIM, just let us know. We will make sure that your database and application is deleted upon termination of your account within 30 days.
We can also provide you a database dump of your business data upon written request from you within 30 days of service termination.

Each LSIM install will be associated with a expiration date depending on the support contract. If the support is not renewed, the LSIM install not be accessible post the expiration date.
However if there is any extension of contract needed, please contact Legacy Support, and we will try our best to make sure your business is not interrupted.

No. The code deployed in your machines is the intellectual property of Legacy Systems, and end customers are prohibited from modifying the application code. Please contact Legacy Support if you need any changes to be made to the application.

It depends on the machine and network on which the LSIM app server is deployed. We need the server to be Linux machines accessible over the internet to enable automatic updates and deployments.
For other machines, we will provide updates through offline deployments.

Pricing & License

Please check out the LSIM Pricing Page for details. If your specific use case is not listed there, please contact Legacy Systems to work out a specific plan for you.

There is no subscrition fees for On-Prem installs. However you will still need a support contract or valid AMC to receive bugfixes and new features from Legacy Systems.

You can install LSIM PWA or access LSIM application from unlimited number of devices !!

We have different plans available based on the size of your business, and you can always move from one Cloud plan to other. Please contact Legacy Support for details.

Yes we can install a Cloud version of LSIM server on your infrastructure, if the harware requirements are met. Please contact Legacy Support for more details.