Privacy Policy

In a nutshell, each customer has a dedicated database, no data is shared between customers, we don't access the data except for backups, and absolutely no data sharing with third parties. We may collect some data from customers for intial provisioning and activation, which will be stored in our databases as long as the contract is valid.

User License

The usage of LSIM application is subject to your agreement to the LSIM Terms and Conditions during activation process before the first use. Based on the installation requirements, we will set all the internal settings prior to provisioning. One installation of LSIM can only be used by a single business. If your business operates with multiple branches, we can configure LSIM with multi-branch features so that you can use a single application for multiple branches of the same business.

Cloud Provisioning

Once you have a valid contract with Legacy Systems, a Cloud installation of LSIM Application will be provisioned with a dedicated database and applcation install to you. You will be provided with a URL, activation code and access credentials.

Updates to the application will be pushed to all installs by default automatically.
The installation of updates requires a restart of LSIM application, which will cause a downtime of a couple of minutes.
We will be pushing these updates outside of working hours so that your business will not be impacted due to updates.
We will send out update notifications prior to the deployment, so that you will be informed of the updates being installed.
You can also opt out of minor version updates by replying to the email notification, but all major releases will be pushed to all Cloud environments as long as a valid AMC contract exists

On-Premises (Local) Provisioning

End users can opt to install LSIM application on their local machines or servers by purchasing a perpetual license from Legacy Systems

For on-prem installs, there will not be any limits on the number of products, User accounts, Employees or Accounts. End users can use all available features without any limits, except for the number of branches

End users are prohibited from modifying the application code deployed on their machines. Any such changes made by the customer without explicit communication from Legacy Support will void any AMC or support contract, since any such changes will make it impossible to provide reliable support to the modified product.

End users will be responsible to ensure that a valid backup is available in case of a harware failure or any other issues. Legacy Systems may provide additional services to customers if they require assistance with setting up database backup.


The LSIM application is provided as-is, and while we test the application extensively before each release, Legacy Systems or its partners will not be liable for any possible issues arising due a software bug, hardware issue in the infrastructure, or outage caused by unforseen situations.

Users are strongly recommended to test all of their use-cases to make sure that the application works as expected.

By activating LSIM application, users agree that all activities performed using the application will be in compliance with the applicable laws and any issues, legal or otherwise, arised due to such usage will be the sole responsibility of the end user.

In the absense of a valid support contract, subscription or License Agreement, Legacy Systems and it's partners reserve the right to shutdown the application, and/or prevent access to the application until a valid contract is established, without any prior notice.


If the usage of the application is increased beyond the initially agreed upon capacity, or if the database size becomes much bigger than initially estimated, there may be some performance degradation observed. End users are advised to use the "Historic Data Purge" utility included with the application to remove obsolete data to restore normal behaviour.

In the event of a hardware failure on the underlying infrastructre, Legacy Systems will attempt to restore the data from the latest available backup. This may not be the latest data from the application depending on the time of last backup. End users are requested to contact support and make sure their data and backup requirements are met before using the application for critical use.

Governing Law

All policies and contracts between Legacy Systems and End users will be according to the Indian Contract Act