Features that makes LSIM special

Simple, useful and critical features that makes LSIM the choice for many

Automated updates

Our Cloud systems and applications will be regularly updated with security fixes and new features without you even noticing

Impressive Support

Our customer support system make sure you have exactly what you need to run your business


Customer Driven Features

Our customer centric approach means that you get to decide what features are to be added to your environment

Seamless scaling

We make sure that enough infrastructure resources are available for your business growth through a number of flexible plans tailored to your needs

Work Order driven Project Tracking

Our state-of-the-art Work order feature enables you to track your projects from Enquiry to completion in a single view

All resources created based on a Work Order will be presented in a consolidated view
You can track progress, expenses and Delivery of the Work Order easily.


The Complete Toolkit For Business Operations Management

Products and Inventory Management
Customer Account Management and Invoice Tracking
Invoices and Estimates
Work Orders
Purchase Orders
Adhoc Invoices
Rate-Contract Invoices
Vendor Management
Employee Management
Expense Management
Company Accounts
Custom Reports
Analytics Views
Fully Customisable UI
Multiple PDF formats including 80mm Thermal and A5
Customer Rewards Management
Mobile Push Notifications
Barcodes and integration with Barcode Readers for fast Invoicing
Application Security Monitoring
Offer Management
Multi Branch Installation
Product Bundles
Delivery Dockets
Delivery Notes

Extensive Reporting Framework

You can have a bird's-eye view of your business from different angles, using our extensive and flexible reporting system, embedded in LSIM Application.
For Multi-Branch installation, you will be able to generate reports centrally for your entire business, while managing branch specific entities seperately

Tax Report
Account Summary
Balance Report
Inventory Statement
Salesman Report
Customer Pending Summary
Comprehensive Account Statement
Purchase Report
Invoice Report (Customer/Salesman)
Stock Report


Installation and Provisioning

Getting a new LSIM environment provisioned for you is a simple 3-step process


Test our Demo environment

Get access to a Demo environment, so that you can use the application yourself with Admin privileges. We will even provision you a dedicated demo environment if needed

Customize to your liking

Let us know how you would change the application to suit your needs, and we will make it work perfectly for you !!

Activate and start using your LSIM environment

We will provide you the URL, login credentials and activation code. Once activation is complete, you can even install LSIM as a PWA on your PC or mobile

Get in touch with us

Ask for a Demo environment, Use it by yourself, let us know what would you do to make it ready for your business.
We will make it our job to make your business better !